Storehouse Cabinets


The storehouse cabinets are made of HPL plates, having high mechanical and electrostatic properties, the resistance to humidity, steam, UV radiation and reagents. The HPL plates can be also B1 fire retardant, according to DIN 4102.
It gives broad range of usage possibilities, for example in laboratory and museum storerooms where are required specific conditions and cleanness.

The cabinet can be arrange inside in various ways, adequate to department idiosyncracy. It could be metal profiles runners for drawers or changing level rails for shelves.
The door with multipoint lock have a sealing tape to help protect collections.

The cabinet made of HPL plates are perfect alternative to metal storehouse cabinets. They can be used for special requirement collections of specimens ex.: entomological, botanical, geological, zoological, paleontological and fabrics or old manuscripts.

The size and colour of the cabinets depends on the needs and it allows you to arrange the storeroom space in individual, effective and aesthetic way.